Ploud features enable you to easily maintain your website.


Ploud features enable you to easily maintain your website.

Advanced Content Management Features

The Ploud platform allows you to customize your pages and content to your liking. We provide many tools that give you simple ways to manage your web pages.



Easy Content Management

Your Ploud website will include standard content, file and image management, publishing workflow, and user account management.


Drag and Drop Page Layout

Custom layouts can be created with a drag and drop interface to create pages that are unique to one another. These custom layouts can be divided into different sections, and those sections can contain multiple content areas such as images, news items, events, carousels, etc.


Help Desk and Support

Ploud has a support system created for our platform users. It allows for self-service support providing tools to create your support tickets and read up on FAQ's for updating your website and use all its features.


Modern Designs

You have multiple theme designs to choose from, and each theme is carefully developed to work optimally on the desktop and mobile devices.



Tier 1 Support

We take care of all of the backend stuff, so you don't have to. There are lots of moving parts to host a website, and we ensure you don't have to worry about it. The Ploud platform has an uptime of 98%, 24/7/365 and we continuously optimize it's response times. We protect your site with up-to-date security measures, and we back-up your data should you accidentally lose or delete parts of your website.


Ploud Site Administrator Benefits

Administrators are empowered with the knowledge and resources to manage their sites including:

  • Ploud provides the ability for monthly tracking of website statistics via third-party monitoring such as Google Analytics.
  • Ploud provides defined roles for administrative and content management access to websites for library staff and contractors
  • Ploud engineers will troubleshoot reported issues by communicating directly with Library Site Administrators through the Help Desk


Ploud Customization Features

Ploud includes standard content, file and image management, publishing workflows, and user account management. In addition to these standard content management features, Ploud includes unique features that allow content authors and editors to customize their sites’ look and feel thus creating a unique design.


Section 508 Accessibility Compliance

Ploud templates are designed with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 usability requirements in mind.* 

* NOTE compliance with Section 508c and WCAG is primarily based on the Site Administrator's care to ensure their content is curated in a way to support these standards.

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